Initial Ideas

OBSESSIONS. In terms of photography, my obsession comes in the form of interfering or controlling my environment. The majority of my images involve some form of order,control, or interference. For example stacking pebbles a certain way, or painting symbols on the landscape to control its meaning. I rarely leave a landscape to be itself. However i don’t think this obsession would provide enough depth for this project, and i find this style of photography is incredibly hard to execute well, and my ability in that style is still very amateur.

My other obsession is based on the quietest people having the loudest minds. When I’m at university i become a very introverted person, very shy, and self conscious. Yet when in my home town, i am considered one of the loudest members of my football team, loudest members of my hockey team, one of the most confident leaders at my work place, and have even been described as intimidating. However the thing that intrigues me the most is that while i’m at university and become shy and quiet on the exterior, on the inside my mind still wonders enough to fill a hundred journals. I still speak a thousand words. My mind wanders considerably when I’m quiet, from mundane thoughts, to impossible scenarios. I am fascinated by this hidden life we all have, and think it would make an interesting project. Therefore i intend to create a series of images that portray hidden thoughts, emotions and day dreams.